Content Creation

Redmond Media Lab specializes in content creation and marketing solutions for Automotive Companies including, detailers, window tinters, dealerships, car manufacturers, and customization shops. We produce high-quality automotive videos and photos that are integrated into a core marketing plan.

Automotive Photography

Redmond Media Lab is one of the premiere Car & Truck Photographers in Ventura & Santa Barbara County! Enjoy competitive rates with high-quality automotive photography with turn-around time as quick as the same day! We offer 4k Car Videography & Drone Services as well!

We offer a fully insured, $1,000,000 liability, line-up of drone video and drone photo for car enthusiasts, businesses, and brands.

Automotive Videographer in Santa Barbara County & Ventura County

Finding the right Automotive Photographer can be hard… so rest assured that when you schedule a photoshoot with us, we will tailor a package to fit your needs exactly.