LiveStream Production

Redmond Media Lab has the capability to provide professional livestream production technology for your brand or business. We are experts in Facebook & Youtube Live as well as many other LiveStream platforms. We can get your event broadcast online quickly and professionally in Southern California, including our local service area of Santa Barbara, Ventura, Camarillo, & Westlake! We routinely travel for on-location productions away from Ventura County or Santa Barbara County.

Special Event Live Streams in Ventura County

We recently produced a live stream in Ventura County for the National Search Dog Foundation. Our mobile crew brought all of the necessary equipment to their facility, including power and internet back up solutions so that their 100,000 Facebook followers could rest assured that the Live Stream wouldn’t stop!

Multiple Cameras & Graphics

Live Streaming doesn't just have to be what is live in front of you, we consistently add in high-quality pre-recorded intros, graphic overlays, scenes, and backstory to make your live stream in Ventura County a fully produced narrative. You get to work with our directors to create the most compelling live stream possible!

Live Professional Audio

Many of our clients come to us worried that Live Streams are inherently low quality, because they are used to seeing people go live from their phones. This isn't the case with our team! We take professional wireless microphones and connect them directly into your Live Stream, so that the quality is as good as possible!

We are experts in Professional Live Streams & Live Events.

As the world engages in an increasingly digital landscape, the desire to connect in real-time grows ever more important. Livestreams through Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitch, or other platforms allow for instant connection between your brand and audience. Redmond Media Lab is a unique innovator in the professional live stream industry, as we provide extremely high quality productions for an affordable rate. We house an agile team with modern equipment to ensure that you aren’t getting a “cookie cutter” production, but instead the exact service for your needs. Centrally located in Ventura, California we provide video production, and live stream production in Ventura as well as mobile live stream production in Santa Barbara and other areas.

For clients outside of our immediate service area of Ventura, Santa Barbara, and LA, we have a completely self-contained mobile live stream production rig that brings its own cameras, lights, power, and internet to the location of your choice. We routinely travel out of area to go live with our clients. We also have the option to go live remotely through various solutions. 

The best way to understand how we can meet and exceed your Live Streaming needs in Ventura County, or any other location is to request a complimentary consultation. We are happy to discuss any project that you may have and bring new solutions and ideas to the table for you!

No Power? No Problem!

Our live production team comes with the necessary equipment to go live from any location. Whether you are in a remote area or simply just don't have the power where it needs to be, we come fully self-contained! We also provide back-up power when conventional power is used.

No Internet? No worries!

We come with custom high-bandwidth internet solutions that will get you connected from anywhere. When conventional internet is provided by you, our systems serve as an automatic internet backup to ensure that the live stream doesn't stop.

Looking to create professional live streams for your brand or business?

We recently produced a live, interactive lecture for the Origins Project Foundation. After weeks of scripting and planning, we went live from our studio in Ventura, California to hundreds of people all around the world. The lecture has been watched by over 30,000 people so far!

We Produce Weekly
LiveStreams For Our Clients

Here is a beautiful music hour for The Harbor of Life that we produce weekly. Our streams initially reached over 5,000 people on Facebook and continue to reach new people each week.

We Produce Live Events With
Creative Tech Solutions

One of our clients, Impact the Outcome, usually has an annual basketball tournament each June in Ventura, California. Due to COVID-19, they had to put their plans on pause… we came up with a creative contest that mixed multiple digital platforms to still put on a contest and connect with their community.