Marketing Services
For Non-Profits

Almost 30% of our long-term clients here at Redmond Media Lab are non-profit organizations. We specialize in fully integrated marketing solutions for non-profits. Whether it be marketing for virtual events or creating digital resources for social media and branding. We can help you share your message and story with the world.

Marketing Services for Non-Profits in Southern California & Beyond

Redmond Media Lab is one of the premiere marketing companies for non-profits in Ventura & Santa Barbara County! The key aspect of our marketing services is their full integration into your non-profit organization. Because we don’t outsource any of our work, you can rest assured that you are getting a dedicated team day in and day out throughout our partnership. Whether it be video production, branding, web design, or event solutions, we have helped many non-profits further their cause and bring in more donors.

Non-Profit Video Content